What Is The M1 Chip Mac? Big Leap Of Apple



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Apple M1 Chip Mac is the first chip designed specifically for the Mac series and was introduced to the world in November 2020. Let’s check out the performance and power that this chip brings to Mac through this article.

What Is The M1 Chip Mac?

Apple M1 is the first PC chip built on the 5-nanometer process and equipped with up to 16 billion extremely small transistors measured at the atomic scale. As a result, the M1 achieves 3.5 times faster CPU performance, 6 times faster GPU performance, and even up to 15 times faster machine learning ability than previous generations of Macs. Besides, you will be surprised at up to 2 times more battery life, using all day longer than previous generations.

Previous Macs often used multiple chips for CPUs, security chips, chips for peripheral devices,... but with the M1, all of the above are integrated into a system on a chip (SoC) thereby bringing more performance and energy efficiency to the Mac.

The development of the Apple M1 chip Mac is quite fast. After only a short time of being introduced by Apple, Apple was officially present for the first time on the Mac. Next, Apple continues to equip this chipset on many of its other devices such as iPad Pro 2021, iMac M1 2021, and Mac mini M1. In the future, this chipset may appear on both Apple Watch as well as iPhones.

Outstanding Features of M1 Chip Mac

M1 Chip Mac has brought a lot of improvements, performance upgrades, and new technologies to the devices.

8-core CPU brings high performance and power-saving

Specifically, in the 8 CPU cores of the M1, there will be 4 high-performance cores and 4 power-saving cores. When you use heavy tasks on the device, to fulfill your demands, the M1 will take full use of the high-performance CPU power. And when you only use the device for simple tasks, the other 4 power-saving cores will be used, thereby extending the life of the Mac more.

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Extremely powerful integrated GPU

Apple created a chip that specializes in graphics processing and integrates it into the M1 chip system. This integrated GPU has up to 8 cores and is capable of processing up to 25,000 threads at the same time.

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Integrating more artificial intelligence processing (MACHINE LEARNING - ML)

This Neural Engine chip has a 16-core design, conducting 11 trillion operations per second, and is designed entirely to serve learning tools (Machine Learning).

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Review of The M1 Chip Mac After More Than An Year

This is the first chip Apple produced based on ARM structure, so for the first time, it is difficult to avoid problems during use. The biggest error that many users encounter for Mac using M1 chip is unable to connect to peripheral devices such as mouse... This is annoying many users because the number of ports on Macs is quite small, so Bluetooth connection plays a key role during use.

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In addition to the error of connecting peripheral devices, products using the M1 chip also complain when they can only output 1 secondary screen. In addition, exporting the secondary screen also encounters errors such as a sudden drop in device performance or even output failure. To address the issues with the M1, Apple has published updated versions, which will assist in better optimizing hardware and software, allowing the M1 chip Mac to gradually overcome its backlog issues.

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Despite the early fault issues, the Apple M1 continues to become the most powerful chipset Apple has ever created. The biggest advantage of the M1 is that the battery life on the devices is significantly improved. Some technology reviewers have done the tests as well as the actual experience and most of them agree that the battery is the proudest point on the M1 chipset.

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In addition to the battery benefit, the M1 provides highly strong performance to devices that are equipped with it. The handling of heavy tasks such as editing movies, editing photos... takes place smoothly for this chip. In addition, some comments also said that their products are also significantly less hot during use compared to their predecessors.

Final Words

It can be seen that Apple is gradually replacing the A-series chip line into the M series on the iPad. Therefore, in the near future, I anticipate that Apple's key products are iPhone also equipped with an M1 chip Mac. Maybe the next iPhone 14 will use the successor chip of M1, M1x, or M2.